Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle    




My name is Lynelle and this is my website. I am a writer, along with the now-billions of other writers on the planet. But this is my stand, so here it is:

In future months (years?….), you will find book marketing here and other publishing credits that I want to show off; but at present you will simply see some previously published and unpublished articles, short stories, essays; WIPs; and blog entries, published every Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. (always different, no theme for you to rely on weekly — just check each Sunday, eh?) as well as, hopefully, lots of communication with you who are interested in this “stand.”

Note: The OTT and OCD opinions and views here are solely those of the writer.

Anyway, So? What’s this stand, you ask. Nothing anymore…. Okay, the original intention was to circle around and zoom in on something called “balance.” A broad, frequently misunderstand and argued concept — inner and, necessarily, outer — balance. My coming nonfiction book is all about balance, unfortunately. Unfortunately? Yes, I’m writing it because I love the people with whom I’ve spoken in the interviews; but I’ve been recently informed that there is really no such place as this balance. It has been said that it is just that, a concept, same as so many words, manufactured to mean something in our world.

Therefore, the legs of my “stand” have cracked. Look, I have to understand this, or the book will mean nothing, to anybody, most of all me. And besides, there is much to do after this small hurdle. However, thinking per se, for me, is toxic. So your job is to see behind all the silly words.

Each week, I, like most, slowly find my way by writing those blogs, articles, essays, short stories, and books. I actually like some of my stuff, reading back. I hope you do as well. If you are curious or have any questions, please see me in my office — Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m. PST (or PDT).

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