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My name is Lynelle and this is my website.

I bill myself as a writer, like it seems most people do these days.The only likely difference is that I am probably less of “a real writer” than the rest.

I don’t — actually, I cannot force myself to — do the “two hours a day, do or die” thing — I write when inspired only. It makes no sense to me any other way, and since people are not stupid, it becomes very obvious when something is forced for the sake of consistent effort. I believe effort is not what writing is about. Inspired hand movement is what real writing is.

This is my own opinion, of course. It appears the rest of the planet feels differently: Make a consistent effort, get published, you are now credible, and You Are A Writer

Oh well! I used to try to do that: This page said, at one time, full of ambition, “On this site, you will see [all kinds of cool things] published every Sunday evening at 6 p.m.”…that’s what I learned was required — at writers conferences, from writing gurus (watch out for those!!), from well-meaning and equally naive friends who had been schooled the same, and from my own unruly and un-truly-inspired mind, looking for a proper landing pad to scratch in the image of my legitimacy as A Real Writer.

Anyway, it didn’t work… So, here she is, folks, lying on the sand, naked at low tide, wondering if the ship will make it to shore. HAA, it’s not all that bad! You can tell I still attempt to sound artistic, creative, literary, erudite, clever of course, and highly sensitive by all means — in any way I can.

And did it work?? Is there any one word or phrase that just catches your eye here? Makes you want to click on through my pages? Tell the world about me? Ahh, so ridiculous. However, if so, do feel free…

So there are some stories and articles, some old some newer, that I leave on this site for newcomers — those ghosts I still conjure up to justify the $147 per year to maintain this website — and of course the occasional blog. This blog has been on here for close to 4 years, so there’s lots of material placed inside here over that time and over the various emotions of my ongoing childhood; some boisterously loud, some quiet and tentative, some eye-rolling stupid, too. I actually think you might find something you like, because there is no one genre, rather many unnamed ones. Besides, I myself like a lot of my own stuff, and you can’t possibly be a harsher critic than I am.

If you are curious or have any questions, please see me in my office (that would be the contacts page or the blog comments section).

Be well and thrive.


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